Consciousness as Software: Patching for Humans, Install for AI




i. Our brain can detect and measure uncertainty as a Bayesian statistician.

ii. Brain resolves exploration vs exploitation dilemma through encoding of unexpected uncertainty

iii. Adult brain’s ability to detect unexpected uncertainty is blocked by mental models.

iv. Mental model blocks can be removed by instructions.

v. Spatial learning/thinking and response learning/thinking can be used only alternatively. All people spontaneously prefer one of them.

vi. Gray matter volume in relevant brain areas correlates with a strategy in use.

vii. Adult spatial learners/thinkers don’t see that they are underserved but it can be corrected

viii. Why shall we focus on teens?

ix. The evidence that Facebook and alike satisfy only response learning/thinking comes from the former top insiders of the social network.

x. Hippocampus plays critical role in flexible cognition and social behavior.

xi. Hippocampus is our internal storyteller and more…

xii. Model-based Bayesian reinforcement learning.

xiii. Conscious AI as a by-side product?

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